Getting Set Up

  • How to Log In to MessageNet Connections
  • How to Create a New User
  • How to Change User Preferences
  • How to Create a Sign Group
  • How to Create an Audio Group
  • How to Create a Message Directory
  • How to Create a Basic Text Message

Connections Mobile App

This is the primary user interface and can be used from mobile devices or from desktop computers. Some set up is required in the administrative interface prior to using the Connections Mobile interface.

Administrative Tasks


  • How to Create Media for Messaging
  • How to Create a Media Message
  • How to Create a Routing Message
  • How to Create a Ticker Message
  • How to Set Up Keypad Shortcuts
  • How to Troubleshoot Mediaports: Codec Error

PC Alert

Note: PC Alert cannot be used for emergency communication.

  • How to Download and Install PC Alert
  • How to Change PC Alert Appearance
  • How to Create PC Alert Messages

Legacy Administrative Tasks

The following are tasks in the Administrative Interface that are considered legacy because that functionality has been moved to the Connections Mobile Interface.

  • How to Change Inbox Preferences