Getting Set Up

Connections Mobile App

This is the primary user interface and can be used from mobile devices or from desktop computers. Some set up is required in the administrative interface prior to using the Connections Mobile interface.

Administrative Tasks


  • What is a MediaPort?
  • How to Create Media for Messaging
  • How to Create a Media Message
  • How to Create a Routing Message
  • How to Create a Ticker Message
  • How to Set Up Keypad Shortcuts
  • How to Troubleshoot Mediaports: Codec Error

PC Alert

Note: PC Alert cannot be used for emergency communication due to restrictions in operating systems that prevent any PC pop-up program from displaying in certain situations such as when logged off or when full-screen apps are in use. PC Alert can be used for normal communications or as a supplement to your emergency communication.

  • What is PC Alert?
  • How to Download and Install PC Alert
  • How to Change PC Alert Appearance
  • How to Create PC Alert Messages

Connections Administrative Interface by Tab


  • Complete Guide to the Inbox
  • How to Change Inbox Preferences
  • How to Close Messages in the Inbox

User Database Manager: