Our Customers

MessageNet Systems has a wide variety of customers across the United States and Canada. Most of our customers have been with us for years, some for more than a decade, and we are gaining many more all the time. Customers, both old and new, are consistently upgrading and adding to their current systems as new components and software become available.

While some of our customers use MessageNet for a narrower application of its abilities, such as business continuity management, emergency messaging, or daily communication, most customers take advantage of Connections’ wide range of capabilities.

  • Federal Government Customers
    • Department of Defense customers
    • VA Hospitals
    • US Air Force facilities
    • Military hospitals
    • US Army installations
    • National Guard installations
  • State and Local Government Customers
    • Multiple City government customers
    • Courthouses across the United States
  • Transportation Customers
    • Airports
  • Hospitals and Health Care Institution Customers
    • Mental health care institutions
    • Hospital systems (including one customer with 23 hospitals connected under one MessageNet server)
    • Individual branches of larger hospital chains
    • Community hospitals
    • Emergency care facilities
    • Critical access hospitals
    • A Canadian health delivery agency
  • Education Customers
    • Schools & Universities for the Deaf and Blind
      • State schools for the deaf and the deaf & blind
      • The premier deaf university in the United States
      • Private schools for the deaf
      • Blind schools, both private and state, across the country
    • K-12
      • Public and private high schools
      • School districts & corporations
    • Higher Education
      • Big Ten universities
      • Community colleges across the country
      • Large, state universities
  • Manufacturing Customers
    • Largest printing company in the U.S.
    • Major automobile parts manufacturing facility
  • Banks and Financial Institution Customers
    • National banks & international banks
    • A division of the World Bank
    • Community banks
  • Other Customers
    • A premier youth organization in the United States

Customer Profiles

Mississippi School for the Deaf

A K-12 installation at Mississippi School for the Deaf is using our LCD displays in classrooms as everyday teaching tools to do video conferencing room to room and as an electronic bulletin board (using such things as PowerPoints); but the system also has the ability to be interrupted for any emergency alerts. For example, when a fire alarm is pulled, the LCD display will override any current message that may be showing, and can display the correct evacuation route.

The LCD displays are also being used in the gymnasiums, cafeteria and auditorium. Additionally, small cameras are being used in each classroom to allow security personnel or administrators to see when any disruptions may be taking place, and to assist in reviews of students without being present to disrupt class.

Also in-use are smaller LED signs in each classroom and hallways for the display of synchronized time and class change notifications. It’s all about equal access to information for both everyday and emergency applications.

Ivy Tech Community College

Depending on the situation, Ivy Tech Lafayette can tailor the most appropriate message to reach students and staff using television screens, LED screens, PC alerts, intercom system, and soon their phone system.

Being able to push important information to students is how Ivy Tech Lafayette mainly uses MessageNet Connections. If an emergency situation would occur, being able to override the information they push out is critical. This is a powerful feature for emergency communications and MessageNet Connections.