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Don’t Be Surprised by Emergencies

While everyone hopes that emergency situations don’t arise, it’s important to not let one take you by surprise. According to Campus Security Magazine, your emergency alert system is ‘only as good as your plan’.

Having a plan in place for any possible emergency situations is important and can save lives. However, Campus Security also believes in testing your emergency communication system regularly. Though they see this practice as a requirement to ensure your system works properly if and when an emergency arises, it can involve considerable time and expense for your organization. Eliminating this cost is why MessageNet Connections isn’t designed to be just an emergency system. It’s also designed for every day communication; when used daily, users won’t forget how to use it in between emergencies and so that it’s effectively tested every day via constant use.

The article also discusses many different systems without talking about how they might work together. MessageNet Connections can integrate with many different types of systems, so it’s easier to unify communications and emergency alerts, rather than having many different emergency systems for different scenarios.

One integrated system that is used every day can save lives more easily and be cost-effective and more efficient at the same time.

Jessica Neuner

About Jessica Neuner

Jessica Neuner is a Customer Support Specialist for MessageNet systems. She graduated from Vassar College with a history degree and has since taught English in Tokyo and worked as customer support for Nook at Barnes and Noble. In her spare time, she enjoys writing (she's currently working on her first novel), learning languages (currently improving her Japanese), practicing martial arts, playing video games, and travel.

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