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Common Easily Avoidable Errors (part 3)- Accidental Restrictions

The following tips are for current MessageNet users. If you aren’t a current user, feel free to keep reading to see the many ways MessageNet connections can work for you.

MessageNet Connections has different security classes of users, ranging from Manager level to basic. This allows one or more people to act as administrators of the system while preventing those with less experience or skill from accessing higher level features, with the lowest level users restricted to only sending and receiving messages. It’s the users in the middle that have the ability to accidentally put restrictions on messages,  lists, or anything else they create.

Most features of MessageNet Connections can be restricted to a certain class of user and above, and often the default is MGR, or manager. If someone with a security class lower than manager but high enough to create messages creates a group, list, or message, or adds a device and accidentally leaves the security restriction set to MGR, only those users would be able to even see, let alone access or edit the new message or list or device. Only a MGR-class user would be able to change the class restriction. This mistake is really easy to make, especially if the default restriction is generally set to manager. It’s one I’ve made myself when I was first learning how to use Connections. So, if you create a message or anything else and then cannot locate it, there’s a possibility it was accidentally restricted to a class of user higher than yours.

The best way to deal with this problem is by double-checking that none of the restrictions are for a higher class of user before saving as new.

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