MessageNet Systems Application/User Training Course

Expand Your Knowledge of MessageNet:

The MessageNet Systems Application and User Training Program is a two-day hands-on course that covers the basic and advanced features of message creation and delivery through the MessageNet user interface.  The interactive instruction and labs provided in this course will allow students to learn and practice how to best define users and messages for effective communication throughout their organization.  Following the successful completion of this course, advanced users and system administrators will also be fully prepared to instruct basic MessageNet users within their organization on specific messaging functions.

Areas Covered:

  • Accessing the MessageNet user interface
  • Defining users and selecting the appropriate user class
  • User Directory communications
  • Message Directory communications including messaging to LCD/LED (public devices) and messaging to pagers, cell phones, and PC Alerts (private devices)
  • Automatic messaging including configuration of fire panel and button messages
  • Scheduled messages
  • Emergency messages
  • Basic Message variables
  • Command lists
  • INBOX functions
  • Using the HELP tab
  • Troubleshooting messages
  • Hardware troubleshooting basics
  • New Applications & Advanced Features
  • Creating Complex Messages with Command Lists
  • Streamlining the Creation and Sending of Messages
  • Messaging on the Locations screen
  • API and Inter-system Communication
  • System Security and Authorization Control
  • Messaging to lists
  • Advanced Message Variables
  • Labeled Messages

Course Format:

The Systems Application and User Training Course is a two-day program.  Class will begin each day at 8:30 am and will consist of a combination of instruction and lab exercises.  Classes typically run until 4:30 pm.  Trainees will need to bring a laptop each day for portions of the lab work.

Who Will Benefit:

  • System Administrators
  • Advanced MessageNet users
  • Basic users desiring a more in-depth knowledge of MessageNet features and functions
  • Service Training Specialist


  • Laptop
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (2010 or later preferred)

Note: If the minimum course size has not been met prior to the registration deadline the course will be cancelled. You will receive notification of cancellation fourteen (14) days prior to the course start date. Please wait to book any travel arrangements until you have received a course confirmation email with the course training information from MessageNet Systems. MessageNet Systems is not responsible for any travel costs or fees incurred due to class cancellations.

For additional information please see the MessageNet Systems Course Cancellation Policy.

For more information on how to register email