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Regular Support office hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST. Please contact Support with any questions or concerns at or (317)-566-1677 ext. 216.

How to Set Up Remote Access to the MessageNet System

All of MessageNet support is done remotely, so it’s vital to maintain remote access to the MessageNet server for the MessageNet support staff and to keep them apprised of any changes with it that could affect access to the system. … Read More…

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How to Set Up Message Archiving

One way to keep records of everything that happens in the MessageNet system is to set up messages to be saved to the Message Archives when they expire. Messages that are set to archive will later be viewable via their … Read More…

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How to Reset User Passwords

If you are a user of the MessageNet system but not the system administrator and have forgotten your MessageNet password, please contact your on-site system administrator for a password reset. For security reasons, MessageNet support staff are unable to manage … Read More…

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How to Log In to MessageNet Connections

MessageNet Connections is browser-based on PCs and on Android devices (while the mobile app for Apple devices has been released, the Android version is still in progress, so a web browser must be used on Android devices until the app … Read More…

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How to Apply the Intel Security Patch

If your MessageNet server is a black 4U server, it has an AMD processor in it and is not affected by the recent Intel security flaws. However, if your server is a newer silver 1U Dell server, then the processor … Read More…

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How to Back Up Server Data

In order to avoid risking lost data in the event of a server failure, it’s very important to have a complete backup of all of the MessageNet server’s data. Because every customer’s system, network, and organization are different, MessageNet cannot … Read More…

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Best Practices for a Safe Environment

Last week, I wrote about how important it is to have a plan for emergency events. More lives are saved when a plan is in place and everyone knows what to do, rather than simply reacting to the situation. The … Read More…

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Don’t Be Surprised by Emergencies

While everyone hopes that emergency situations don’t arise, it’s important to not let one take you by surprise. According to Campus Security Magazine, your emergency alert system is ‘only as good as your plan’. Having a plan in place for … Read More…

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Prepare For the Worst

All technology eventually fails. Cars, phones, tablets, computers, even MessageNet servers. MessageNet Connections, which is often heavily relied upon for both everyday and emergency communications, is software and web browser-based. However, the hardware that supports it unfortunately cannot last forever. … Read More…

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Using Web Links in Emergency Messaging

The internet can be a powerful messaging tool, especially when it comes to getting specific information out to specific people in an emergency situation. MessageNet Connections can provide links to web pages that pop up and load on PCs when … Read More…

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