The MessageNet Leadership

MessageNet systems has been in the communication systems and security business since 1991.  We pride ourselves on being innovative, always changing with the fast-paced communication and technology world we live in. We also strive to be easily accessible so you can always pick up the phone and talk to one of us about your specific communication needs.

Kevin Brown, CEO

Kevin is the CEO of MessageNet systems and works on guiding the vision and future development of MessageNet. Kevin believes that this is the one time in human history when fundamental discoveries will be made that will establish a new relationship between the individual, information, communication and safety-security technologies. What Kevin feels is needed is the right information communicated at the right time, whether it be daily or emergency communication.  Looking for practical solutions to this type of problem is what drives him and the work of MessageNet systems.

There are many individual projects that MessageNet has contributed significant solutions for, but that is not what excites Kevin.  It is becoming clear to many large organizations, from hospitals to business to government that many types of organizational problems (from scheduling to security) are fundamentally communication problems. Kevin believes that these problems can be solved through the creation of simple systems that bring together the right people and resources in the right way.  For this reason, Kevin is most pleased when the customer understands that MessageNet Connections represents a communications tool kit that their organization can easily use to develop custom solutions to the communications challenges they’re facing.

More to come…