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The Trouble with Weather Alerts

We’re often asked if we can automate weather alerts from the National Weather Service. While this is possible with MessageNet Connections, it’s not recommended. Weather alerts are often broadcast to a very large area and aren’t always relevant to specific buildings or locations. Automating weather alert messages also precludes any customization from the message, so all incoming weather alerts are treated the exact same way, regardless of severity of the alert and thus can be inconvenient to message recipients when the alert isn’t an emergency. Weather alerts are better sent automatically to one or two users, who can then determine whether the alert should be broadcast to a larger audience.
The same considerations also pertain to other types of automated alerts that come from an external source, such as emergency tests and Amber alerts. Any emergency information origination from outside the organization may have a different agenda and a larger constituency, resulting in the need to edit the information or recipients to make the content relevant to your organization.

Below is an example of the misplaced intrusion of an automated weather alert.

Jessica Neuner

About Jessica Neuner

Jessica Neuner is a Customer Support Specialist for MessageNet systems. She graduated from Vassar College with a history degree and has since taught English in Tokyo and worked as customer support for Nook at Barnes and Noble. In her spare time, she enjoys writing (she's currently working on her first novel), learning languages (currently improving her Japanese), practicing martial arts, playing video games, and travel.

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