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Now Offering PC Alert for Macs

MessageNet Systems is now providing PC Alert, its popular scrolling instant messenger product, for Apple computers. PC Alert, which has long been available for Windows PCs, provides a quick and effective way to communicate with many people at once. Due to the recent rise in Mac usage, MessageNet systems has developed a version of PC Alert to run on Apple computers.

“Emergency communications are most effective when ubiquitously deployed. And, because Macs are holding an increasingly larger share of the market, it became incumbent on us to address this growing need and develop PC Alert for Mac,” says Kevin Brown, CEO of MessageNet systems.

The PC Alert software allows alerts and other messages to be sent by any authorized user to individuals, customizable groups or everyone, using a network- or Internet-connected computer. PC Alert displays easy-to-read scrolling messages that pop up over other windows and even through screensavers not employing password protection. For added attention, PC Alert supports a beeping audio alert that can be combined with the display of new messages. While commanding immediate attention, PC Alert’s prominent display does not interfere with any other program, allowing users to continue working once the message is viewed.

“In messaging to personal computers, a message has to cut through everything else on the screen if it’s to be noticed,” says Brown. “And that’s what we’ve done with PC Alert. It pops through all other windows, instantly alerting the user. And because it’s a scrolling message, it grabs the user’s attention in a way that static pop-up messages or taskbar notifications cannot. Additionally, by scrolling the text in a window, large fonts can be used making the messages readable from distances of up to twenty feet; so, the sender can be assured the message has been received, even if the recipient is not sitting at their computer. This combination of vital capabilities is unique to our PC Alert product.”

PC Alert provides a substantial ROI by making communications more effective and greatly improving an organization’s ability to communicate emergency notifications. PC Alert is a integral component of a suite of products powered by the MessageNet Connections software, which unifies safety, security and communication systems.

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Chris Rider is a Systems Architect for MessageNet Systems, focusing on several areas including client-side software (e.g. browsers), micro-computer hardware components, and mobile platforms such as Android. He graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with an Electronic-Business degree, and has done website development and intranet-supported workflow process consulting with businesses ranging from locally-owned restaurants to global Fortune 500 companies. In his off-time, he enjoys tinkering with new technology, Linux, photography, videography, writing, media-content creation, learning new languages (trying to tackle Korean, currently), and travel.

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