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Make Power Point Presentations Compatible

MessageNet Connections can be used to make media messages that can be posted to LCD screens. Media messages can contain videos, photos, Power Point presentations, or other types of media. Power Point presentations, while still easy to attach to a message, have a few more specifications to make them compatible.

A good tip is to keep transitions between slides as simple as possible and test the presentation in the free program Open Office, which has similarly-supported features as a MediaPort. If a presentation doesn’t work properly on an LCD screen, chances are it’s because the transitions were too complex.

The presentation also needs to be saved as a .ppt file rather than the .pptx file type associated with Microsoft 2007 and later, so you’ll need to save in compatibility mode. It needs to be saved in widescreen format (either 16:9 or 16:10). If the presentation is going to be displayed on more than one sign, it needs to be set up to loop continuously and to have timed transitions between slides. If it’s meant for only one LCD, then a PowerPoint control screen will pop up upon launch, allowing you to control the presentation manually. If the presentation has been saved with timed transitions, then those settings will override the manual control screen.


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