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Common Easily Avoidable Errors (part 1)- Save vs. Save as New

The following tips are for current MessageNet users. If you aren’t a current user, feel free to keep reading to see the many ways MessageNet connections can work for you.

A common mistake a lot of people make is confusing the ‘save’ and ‘save as new’ buttons. This can happen almost anywhere on the MessageNet system, but I’ll use message creation as an example, since that’s where it happens the most often.  Since the message editor uses an older message as a template, it makes the most sense to choose a message that has similar properties to the new one you want to create. This makes creating the message a lot faster and easier, but unfortunately opens the window for accidentally deleting the older message. A lot of users will accidentally click ‘save’ instead of ‘save as new’, which saves the new data over the old, then wonder what happened to the original message. Since this is a pretty easy mistake to make, the best way to avoid it is to click ‘save as new’ immediately after changing the message name, then clicking ‘save’ after any subsequent changes.



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