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Unlike Most Communication Systems: MessageNet Connections

There are a lot of different communication systems out there. So what makes MessageNet Connections special? MessageNet Connections can send messages to just about any device in just about any combination possible. You could send a message to one person’s e-mail address, the TV screen in the office across the hall, the speakers in the room next door, two cell phones, and ten people’s computer screens if you wanted to. In addition to the plethora of every day uses, it’s also a great emergency communication tool. Emergency messages get sent to all kinds of devices, so they’ll get through to everyone no matter what. If one device type fails, the message still gets through. The best part of MessageNet Connections? The combination of every day and emergency use. Most emergency alert systems are rarely used and when an emergency actually does come up, most people might not remember how to use it or only one person would be in charge of it. MessageNet Connections, however, is used every day and anyone user is able to send out an emergency alert if an emergency would actually occur.

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